Take Two

Jazz hits the silver screen!
Victoria Rummler’s third solo album is a collection of famous and lesser-known movie tunes, performed a cappella or as duets with five of the greatest guitarists on the current scene: Lionel Loueke, Nguyên Lê, Federico Casagrande, Guilherme Monteiro and Dano Haider. Each provides a spontaneous, colorful backdrop to Vicki’s refreshing vocal stylings. Listeners describe it as a feel-good movie that brings each film back to life with new twists and screenplays!

Blue Moon Inner Jazz/Socadisc


  1. Love is Here to Stay G. & I. Gershwin 1:07
  2. Theme from Le ballon rouge Leroux 1:07
  3. The Pink Panther Theme Mancini 0:59
  4. Smile Chaplin-Turner-Parsons 1:04
  5. Frankly Victoria Rummler 1:03
  6. Ascenseur pour l'échafaud Davis 0:47
  7. C'est le vent, Betty Yared 0:34
  8. I Wanna Be Loved by You Stothart-Ruby-Kalmar 1:09
  9. Casablanca Victoria Rummler 1:16
  10. La Chanson d'Hélène Sarde 1:06
  11. Theme from Le ballon rouge Leroux 1:07
  12. Cantina Theme Williams 1:06
  13. Chanson de Delphine Legrand-Demy 1:12

am I am

This album invites the listener on a kooky-smooth-pop-bossa journey beyond the boundaries of jazz.

Ben Coulentianos, guitar on all tracks
Victoria Rummler, vocals on all tracks
Arrangements, Ben Coulentianos and Victoria Rummler

Juste Une Trace/Socadisc



  1. am I am Victoria Rummler 1:14
  2. Blue Boots Victoria Rummler 1:16
  3. Friends Old and New Victoria Rummler 1:12
  4. Guys With Ties Victoria Rummler 1:23
  5. Home Is Inside Victoria Rummler 1:12
  6. Island of Nowhere Victoria Rummler 0:56
  7. Italy Blues Victoria Rummler 1:14
  8. Love Day Victoria Rummler 1:16
  9. Teach Me Tonight Cahn / DePaul 1:12
  10. Frère Jacques Traditionnel 1:10
  11. Over the Rainbow Harburg / Arlen 1:05


Victoria Rummler, vocals
Nico Morelli, piano
Yorgos Dimitriadis, drums and percussion
Gianni Guido, guitar
Thierry Colson, double bass
Guillaume Kervel, steel drum

Pitch Puppy Productions



  1. Banana Strings Victoria Rummler 0:33
  2. Watashi Gambus / Suzuki / Correa 0:44
  3. I Could Write a Book Hart / Rodgers 0:38
  4. Words Victoria Rummler 0:44
  5. Tout Doucement Clausier / Mercadier 0:39
  6. Cocktail Optimism Victoria Rummler 0:24
  7. Frust Victoria Rummler 0:35
  8. I Want Victoria Rummler 0:32
  9. James Metheny 0:33
  10. Scratches Victoria Rummler 0:46
  11. They Can’t Take That Away From Me I. / G. Gershwin 0:37