Banana Strings

Tie me down with banana strings
Soft and yellow and sticking to things
Not sure when I’ll want to break free
So banana strings are good enough for me

Yes, I want to be with you
House and family and lawnmower too
But that’s today and tomorrow’s not here
Please don’t be mad if I gotta get in the clear

Banana strings, yes no maybe
Let me be free, but don’t let me be lonely
I want it so bad – what was it again?
When the time is ripe, don’t I have to dig in?

Tie me down with banana strings
Up against the wall, you’ll see how they cling
Before life gets mushy, I should take a bite
Getting past the peel is half the fight

Cocktail Optimism

I only like you when I’m drunk
You’re cute when I’m in a hazy funk
When I can’t smell you, you smell fine
And I’m oh so happy that you’re mine

In the light of day you’re kinda mean
But in a fog you’re peachy keen
They say we look so good together
And our folks think we’re forever

Cocktail optimism smoothing out the rough spots
Cocktail optimism, please pass the beer nuts

One day I’ll have to change my ways
And say good-bye to soggy days
But will I miss you when you’re gone
And I’m feeling lucid and alone?



Feeling upset, shouldn’t be
Everything’s ok, isn’t it?
All dressed up, somewhere to go
And someone to take me there
Shouldn’t be sad – pissed
So why am I?

‘Cause I’m not with who I want to be with
I’d rather be with you know who
‘Cause I’m not with who I want to be with
Don’t you feel the same way too?

My nerves are shot, shouldn’t be
Passion’s not stability, now is it?
Stifle any pain, give in
Or take a risk, fly, fall, try?
Shouldn’t be sad – pissed
So why am I?


I Want

Walking away from the sun
Feeling the safety in darkness
Don’t want to regret what I’ve done
When it’s over

I feel it so close, yet so far
That something to give it some meaning
The light of a sky filled with stars
Never fading

I want to know, to live my life and see
If there is sunlight in the darkness for me.
I want to know, if after all the pain,
I’ll find the sun among the storm clouds, through the rain.

Why does a fish swim upstream?
Why take the road that Frost traveled?
How many men die with their dreams



Your coat scratched my forehead
In the grasp of our passion
A hold so tight our hearts touched
I winced, the scratch bled
With my blasé interior and muzzled emotions
In the morning mirror is a scar
That brings back the night
And the touch of our hearts


Why’d I think you would be there for me?
Silly me, thinking you’d take a chance and break free

Don’t forget that words are dreams
Fading with the dawn
I’ll be here, but not to share
I’ve no words to spare