Guys with Ties

Vicki’s jazz-pop, tongue in cheek look at the business world is featured on her second solo album, am I am. Video by Gildas Boclé.

Frère Jacques

Vicki’s spontaneous a cappella interpretation of the children’s song “Frère Jacques” – video shot and edited by Gildas Bocle.

Walking in Your Footsteps

Vicki pays tribute to Sting at the Ludion in Villemoisson (near Paris), with Nico Morelli (piano), Ben Coulentianos (guitar), Pascal Sarton (bass) and Kirt Rust (drums). Sound by Custom Studio. Video by Laurent Lukic.


Accompanied by world-famous guitarist/vocalist Lionel Loueke, Victoria pays tribute to Charlie Chaplin’s iconic Modern Times (1936). Video edited by Gildas Boclé. Album Take Two.


Victoria penned this tune based on the legendary movie quote, “Here’s looking at you, kid” for her album of movie tunes, Take Two. With Guilherme Monteiro on guitar. Video edited by Gildas Boclé.

La Chanson d’Hélène

Victoria performs a bittersweet version of this haunting melody from Les Choses de la vie (Claude Sautet, 1970), with Federico Casagrande on guitar. Video edited by Gildas Boclé. Album Take Two.